About Us


A Calgary Story Rooted in Tradition & New Beginnings

In 1998, the Dhillon, Grewal, and Sidhu families arrived in Calgary, Canada, carrying dreams for a new life. Each member brought unique skills and experiences to the table:

Simranjit Sidhu: A seasoned locomotive engineer, accustomed to navigating complex systems and maintaining unwavering focus.

Jaswinder Dhillon: A printing industry veteran, with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Sanjot Grewal: An MBA graduate in business management, equipped with a strategic mind and a passion for entrepreneurship.


Entering an Entrepreneur State

In 2004, their shared entrepreneurial spirit led them to establish a successful printing business. While this venture showcased their work ethic and collaborative spirit, a deeper yearning lingered – a love for the vibrant culinary heritage they all cherished.


Start of Something Exciting

Simranjit attends a local Indian cultural festival and showcases their family’s samosa recipe in a cooking competition. The crowd’s enthusiastic response reignites their passion for sharing their culinary heritage.


Creation of an Important Foundation

Sanjot, utilising his business acumen, conducts market research to gauge the potential for an authentic Indian restaurant in Calgary. The positive results solidify their dream of venturing into the culinary industry.


More Potential Created

Jaswinder, ever the meticulous planner, enrols in a business management course to gain additional knowledge and refine their restaurant concept and Simranjit takes a professional culinary course to further hone their culinary skills and gain valuable insights into restaurant kitchen operations.


Inspiration from their Roots

The families, inspired by their community’s growing love for Indian food, participate in several local food festivals and charity events. This allows them to test their recipes, receive valuable feedback, and build a local reputation for their delicious cuisine.


A Culinary Adventure Begins

In 2021, fueled by this shared passion, they embarked on a new chapter: Samosa House. Their mission? To bring the authentic, high-quality Indian cuisine they cherished to the diverse and welcoming city of Calgary. Every samosa hand-folded, every curry meticulously prepared, reflected their dedication to their culinary vision.

"The warmth of Indian hospitality and the love for food are at the heart of everything we do.”


Calgary Welcomes Samosa House

Calgary, with its open arms and taste buds, embraced Samosa House. What began as a restaurant soon transformed into a cherished part of the community. The 2024 “Most Recommended Restaurant” award from Restaurant Guru was a testament to their commitment to excellence and the community’s warm reception.

The Heart of Samosa House: Family

Samosa House is more than just delicious food; it’s a testament to the power of family. Jaswinder, Sanjot, and Simranjit, together, built this dream. Through laughter, challenges, and unwavering support, their family bond is the secret ingredient that infuses every dish with warmth and passion.

Experience the Journey, One Bite at a Time

When you step into Samosa House, the inviting aroma greets you like a warm embrace. You’re not just a customer, you’re part of the story – a story of family, tradition, and the enduring power of shared passions. With every bite, savor the love and dedication poured into each dish.